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May 18, 2022

Ladybug cupcakes

They are so fun to make for birthdays or a baby shower. With a few ingredients you can transform a normal treat into an adorable ladybug complete with edible eyes and dots. Great idea when baking with kids.

Happy Baking!!

Chess Cake!!

Stuck wondering what cake design to get your loved ones? Consider us your knight in shining armour and check out this chess theme cake. This is a chess board cake design for those who are completely consumed by the game. With this chess cake, they'll get to be the ones who call checkmate and eat their victory!

Happy baking!!

May 17, 2022

Space Rocket Cake!!

Rockets never fail to draw the attention and admiration of kids. The space is a popular theme for birthdays and such a party wouldn’t be complete without a space themed cake.

Happy Baking!!

Fortnite Cake !!

If you are putting on an awesome Fortnite birthday party, then you are going to need an awesome cake because the party will not be complete without a legendary themed Fortnite cake.

Happy Baking!!

Sports Cake!!

Get your choice of basketball, cricket & Tennis. This fun style sports cake is sure to put a smile on your sports enthusiast’s face. Let’s play ball!

Happy baking !!

Multicoloured Donuts Cake!!


The best decoration for a cake is delicious cake donuts! A great treat for a brunch party or an awesome birthday cake for any donut lover.

Happy baking!!

Elegant Chocolate Truffle Cake !!

Chocolate Truffle Cake will satisfy any chocolate lovers craving. The cake itself is dense and moist, just like proper chocolate cake should be, and the frosting…. oh that frosting! Pure chocolate heaven!

Happy baking!!
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