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March 8, 2022

Under the Ocean Cake!!

Under the Ocean Cake!!

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A cake that transports you to under the ocean with fishes and seashells and corals and more.

Home Sweet Home Cake

HOME SWEET HOME is a Perfect sweet way of welcoming your loved ones

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Enjoyed making this cake!!

Badminton Cake !!

Badminton cake!!

The Badminton theme cake for birthdays is loved by all the badminton lovers. It would be a perfect present for your friends & loved ones. The badminton cake becomes the source of inspiration for all badminton lovers.

Video link :

Happy baking!!

Solar System Cake

 Solar System Cake!!

This cake is an artistic work of art that depicts the solar system in a unique way using your favourite flavours. The cake has stars, sun, and the 9 planets designed beautifully in blue colour.

Video link:

Happy Baking !!
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