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June 10, 2019


Basundi is a traditional Indian sweet prepared by boiling milk on low heat until its thickened and reduced to half.  The flavour comes from saffron thread and cardamom powder.  It is served on it's own or with puri.  This dessert can be served hot, warm or chilled.   

Ingredients :
  1. Whole milk - 2 litres
  2. Saffron strands
  3. Sugar, to taste ( Around 3 tbsp)
  4. Nuts (almonds) - 1 tbsp, sliced
  5. Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
Method :

1.  In a heavy bottomed pan, add milk and boil by stirring it occasionally.

2.  Reduce the flame to low and cook for 45 mins or till it begins to thicken and reduces by half.  Keep stirring and scraping the sides of the pan during this process.  Scraping is what gives basundi thick and creamy texture.  

3.  Once the milk is thickened, add nuts, saffron threads & cardamom powder and cook for another few mins.

Serve hot, warm or cold. 
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