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April 19, 2014

Madras Filter Coffee

Fresh decoction, fresh milk and a spoonful of sugar are what we need to kick start our mornings.  I use traditional coffee filter for making this frothy degree coffee everyday.

Ingredients :
  1. Coffee Powder - 3 tsp
  2. Hot water - 1 cup
  3. Milk - 1 cup
  4. Sugar to taste

Method :

1.   Take the traditional coffee filter strainer.  On the top portion which has small holes in it, add coffee powder.  Cover & press it with the umbrella handle.  Pour the hot water over the coffee powder & cover it with a lid.  Set aside for 10 to 15 mins.

2.  Thick coffee decoction will be collected in the bottom container of the coffee filter.  

3.  Add and mix required amount of decoction, milk & sugar in the serving cup.

Serve hot.

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