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July 8, 2017

7 cup Burfi / Seven Cups Sweet !!!

This is one of the most famous homemade sweet prepared especially during the Diwali season.  We use 7 cups of ingredients which includes besan, coconut, sugar, nuts, milk and ghee.  Traditionally, they use 3 cups of sugar but we use 2 cups of sugar and a cup of nuts.  If you don't want to use nuts, you can skip it.  I used freshly grated coconut for this sweet, even desiccated coconut can be substituted.  This can be stored in the room temperature for a week.  Each time, I warm it for few seconds in the microwave and serve.

Ingredients :

  1. Besan / Chickpea flour / Gram flour - 1 cup
  2. Grated coconut - 1 cup 
  3. Sugar - 2 cups
  4. Nuts (Cashewnuts, almonds) - 1 cup 
  5. Milk - 1 cup 
  6. Ghee (Clarified butter) - 1 cup
Method :

1.  Add 1/2 cup of ghee in the non-stick pan and slightly roast the besan for few mins. ( Don't over roast the besan)

2.  Add grated coconut and roast them for few more mins. 

3.  Add sugar and roasted nuts.  (Retain few nuts for garnishing)

4.  Add milk and keep stirring.  (The mixture will be little watery)

5.  Add ghee gradually and keep mixing the mixture.  Remember to keep the flame over medium low.

6.  Keep stirring continuously, until the mixture becomes thick and starts leaving the sides of the pan.

7.  Grease the pan with ghee and spread the mixture evenly.  Garnish the top with chopped nuts and press them gently.

8.  Leave the mixture to cool for 5 mins, and slice the burfi in the desired shape using the greased knife.  Allow them to cool completely.  Remove and store the burfi.

Enjoy :)

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