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January 19, 2017

Lion Face Chocolate Cherry Butter Cake !!

Chocolate cherry butter cake is moist and tender.   This is the cake I make for birthdays or for special occasions.  This unique chocolate cake flavour depends on the chocolate we use.  Perfect celebration cake & this time is lion face theme.  

Ingredients :

  1. Unsweetened Chocolate - 120 gms
  2. Unsweetened cocoa powder - 3 tbsp (25 gms)
  3. All purpose flour - 2 1/4 cups
  4. Baking powder - 2 tsp
  5. Baking soda - 1 tsp
  6. Salt - 1/2 tsp
  7. Hot coffee (or Boiling water ) - 1 cup
  8. Butter - 1 cup (225 gms)
  9. Sugar - 1 cup
  10. Light brown sugar - 1 cup
  11. Eggs - 3 nos, room temperature
  12. Vanilla extract - 2 tsp
  13. Milk - 1 cup, room temperature
  14. Canned Cherries (drained) - 1 cup

Method :

1.   Preheat the oven 180 C.  Grease and line up the baking pan with parchment paper.

2.   Mix together unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder and hot coffee / water.   Stir well until the mixture is smooth and bring it room temperature.

3.   Sieve together flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.  Keep aside.

4.   In a mixing bowl, beat butter until smooth and slowly add the sugar.  Beat until smooth and fluffy.  

5.   Add the eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each addition.  Add the vanilla extract and chocolate mixture, cherries - 1/2 cup and beat to combine.

6.   Add the flour mixture alternating with the milk, starting and ending with flour mixture.  Beat until the mixture in incorporated nicely.

7.   Pour the batter in the prepared baking pan and bake it for 30 mins or until the toothpick inserted comes out clean.  Allow the cake to cook completely and slice them for frosting.

For Frosting :

8.   Whip together whipping cream, vanilla extract & powdered sugar to stiff peaks.

Assembling :

9.  Place the first layer of cake.  Sprinkle some sugar water / cherries drained sugar syrup over the cake and spread the whipped cream evenly.   Arrange the balance cherries over the cream and place he second layer of cake.   Repeat the step.

10.  Frost and decorate the cake.  Refrigerate over night.

Happy baking :)

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