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April 12, 2010

Black Forest cherry cake

My son love chocolate cakes & I decided to make it for his birthday. Though, I am not artistic in cake decoration somehow I managed to keep my cake simple & look decent. Black forest cake with mascarpone filling was perfect for this occasion & taste great.

Happy Birthday Visisht :)

Ingredients :

For the dough :
  1. Dark chocolate - 150 gms
  2. Eggs - 7 nos
  3. Sugar - 150 gms
  4. Vanilla sugar - 1 packet
  5. Ground hazelnuts - 150 gms
  6. All purpose flour - 25 gms
  7. Baking powder - 1 tsp
For the filling :
  1. Sour cherries - 350 gms (drained)
  2. Drained cherry syrup - 40 mil
  3. Cream - 400 ml
  4. Gelatine sheets - 8
  5. Mascarpone cheese - 300 gms
  6. Vanilla sugar - 2 packet
  7. Sugar - 150 gms
  8. Chocolate flakes for decoration

Method :

To make the dough, chop the chocolate and melt in at low heat in a water bath. Add sugar and vanilla sugar to eggs and whisk until foamy. Mix in melted chocolate, ground nuts and flour mixed with baking powder. Fill into greased tray and bake immediately on middle rack for 55 to 60 mins at 175 C. Let cake cool off completely, remove from tray and
cut once horizontally.

Filling :

Stir mascarpone with sugar and vanilla sugar until smooth. Let gelatine soak, squeeze water out and dissolve gelatine in 2 tbsp of hot water. Add to mascarpone and stir until creamy. Add 20 ml of cherry water. Whip cream until stiff and add to mix as well. Sprinkle bottom cake half with approx. 20 ml of cherry water (syrup). Spread half of the cream as well as he well drained cherries over the base. Place top half on top and spread remaining cream over top. Let cool off for approx. 3 hours. Finish by decorating with chocolate flakes & cherries.

Happy baking :)


notyet100 said...

ur son must eb so happy ,came looks so good, convey my wishes to him

Indian Khana said...

Such a perfect cake ...looks so gud...Happy Birthday to ur little one

Unknown said...

looks so beautiful..

Parita said...

Happy Bday to your son! Cake looks fantastic, i love the idea of mascarpone filling!

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