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July 19, 2009

Crab masala fry

When it comes to weekend menu, I & pravin will have lotz of discussion on what to cook. Predominately, chicken dishes would be one in the menu. We found lotz of crab in the freezer section which tempted us to buy & crab fry was the menu for the last weekend. It taste good with rice & rotis too.

Ingredients :

  1. Crab - 4 nos (big sized)
  2. Finely chopped onions - 4 nos
  3. Gingergarlic paste- 1 tbsp
  4. Green chillies - 3 nos
  5. Black pepper - 1/2 tsp
  6. Cinnamon stick - 1 no
  7. Cloves - 3 nos
  8. Saunf - 1 tsp
  9. Chilly powder - as per ur taste
  10. Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
  11. Salt to taste
  12. Oil - 2 tbsp

Method :

  • Clean & cut the crab & keep it aside.
  • Grind all the ingredients together except crab & oil.
  • Heat oil in the pan, add the grinded masala. Saute them for 10 min.
  • Once the raw smell goes & oil starts floating arround the masala add the crab. Cover and cook for further 10 min or until crab is cooked.
  • Check for the salt & spice. If needed add pepper powder.

Serve hot with rice or rotis.


Sanghi said...

Yummmmy crab delicious swapna! do check my blog for the event! Expecting some entries from you dear!

Indian Khana said...

Though I dont eat crab but this looks yum

notyet100 said...

recipe looks yum,..;-)

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