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November 27, 2009

Potato fries

Many of us likes to munch potato fries at any time. Especially, with mayonise, tomato ketchup & finely chopped onions with a pinch of chat masala taste delicious. Recently, I bought pototo fries cutter which made my work easy & looks professional as well. It taste absolutely yum :)

Ingredients :
  1. Potatoes - 5 large nos
  2. Oil for frying
  3. Salt to taste
  4. A bowl of ice water

Method :

1. Peel the potatoes & cut them lengthwise into 1 inch thick sticks. Immediately, put them in the ice water. Leave them in the ice water for atleast 1 hr. Drain & rinse them in the cold water.

2. Meanwhile heat the oil in the frying pan to 200 C & deep fry the potatoes for 3 mins or until the color turns to light golden brown.

3. Drain the potatoes from oil & add salt.

Serve hot.


Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

yummy and crispy fries

Unknown said...

looks crispy..the only time I have this when I visit mc.donalds..

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