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October 29, 2019

Vazhaipoo Vadai (Banana Flower Fritters)

Enjoy this simple, crispy and healthy banana flower fritters with a cup of hot tea.

Ingredients :
  1. Channa dal - 1 cup
  2. Vazhaipoo (Banana flower) - small sized
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Onion, chopped - 1 no
  5. Red chilly powder, to taste
  6. Fennel seeds - 1 tsp
  7. A pinch of hing
  8. Coriander leaves
  9. Oil for frying

Method :

1.  Soak the channa dal for atleast two hours.

2.  Clean & cook the vazhapoo (Banana flower) in the salted water.  Drain the water and grind them coarsely along with the dal - without adding water. 

2.  To the mixture, add finely chopped onions, red chilly powder, fennel seeds, hing, salt to taste & finely chopped coriander leaves.

3.  Heat oil in the deep frying pan.  Take a small portion of batter and flatten them with hands.  Drop them in the oil and fry them till crispy and done.  

4.  Drain the excess oil in the kitchen towel.

Serve warm.

Note :

1.  Don't add water while grinding the mixture.  If necessary, add a tsp of water.

2.  Retain a tbsp of soaked channa dal and mix them in the grounded mixture, for crunchy texture.

3.  We can also add finely chopped mint leaves and curry leaves for additional flavour.

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