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May 13, 2017

How to make Sprouts | Moong Bean Sprouts | Green Gram Sprouts

Sprouts are healthy and nutritious food which helps in strengthening the immune system and purifies the blood.  Making sprouts at home is very easy.  This ensures quality and freshness of my sprouts. 

Ingredients :

Green moong gram - 1 cup

Method :

1.   Wash the moong gram in the water to remove the dust if any.

2.   Soak them in the clean water overnight.

3.   Next morning, the pulses will be swollen up.  Take clean muslin cloth and soak in clean water.  Squeeze the excess water from the cloth.

4.   Transfer the grams to the damp cloth and tie them.

5.   Keep them in a container and cover them.  

6.   Store the container in the warm place and the sprouts start coming within 5 to 6 hours.  For longer  sprouts, keep for a longer time. 

7.  Refrigerate the sprouts and use.

Note :

1.  I stored the moong gram inside the oven for one day.

2.  We can refrigerate the sprouts for 5 days.

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