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February 23, 2009

Microwave Chocolate Pudding

Nothing hits the spot better on a cold, rainy day than this creamy, rich, homemade pudding. I love this recipe! Being a chocoholic I make it often. It is so fast and easy, even a child can make it. It really looked more time consuming than it was.

I make it right in the bowl. I'm going to eat it from. It is good both warm and cold, but most times I can't wait for it to cool. For a different taste, use mint flavored chocolate chips.

It will be perfect when topped with some whipped cream, the pudding was oh so yummy and so smooth...

Ingredients :

  1. 1 cup sugar
  2. 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  3. 3 tbsp cornstarch
  4. 1/4 tsp salt
  5. 2 1/4 cup milk
  6. 2 tbsp butter
  7. 1 tsp vanilla

Directions :

  • Combine sugar, cocoa, cornstarch and salt in medium size mixing bowl.

  • Gradually stir in milk. Microwave on high for 6 minutes, stirring once during cooking time.

  • Stir in butter and vanilla.

  • Pour into individual serving dishes. Cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate.

Enjoy this cool chocolate pudding with kids !!! YUM :)


Gayathri said...

choco Pudding i love it. Looks delicious!!!

Ashwini said...

love chocolate pudding.It looks yummo..Happy Shivarathri Swapna..

Yasmeen said...

I'm a choco fan too,love such quick-fix chocolate puddings:)

Premyscakes said...

lovely treat.

AnuSriram said...

Wow! That looks lovely. Easy to make recipe.. Makes a perfect treat!

Deepa Hari said...

Yummy choco pudding

jayasree said...

Pudding looks creamy and smooth. Perfect treat for chocoholics. Thanks for the entry.

Sunshinemom said...

Ummmmm....Just licking my lips:( what more can I do seeing this?

Divya Kudua said...

Delicious pudding Swapna..too good..even better that it can be mw-ed!!Love it..simply love it!!

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