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May 18, 2016

How to Clean Mushrooms !!

Many types of mushrooms actually grow in trees, not in dirt and thus are brought to market relatively clean.  However, it is always best to give all mushrooms a good wash before using them.

Few people say we should never wash mushrooms as they act like little sponges and absorb too much water.  However, as long as we do not soak the mushrooms, cleaning them with water and then wiping them is faster and more efficient than wiping each one individually.  

STEP 1 :

Fill a large bowl with cold water.  

STEP 2 :

Add a handful of flour and swish around the water with your hand.

STEP 3 :

Drunk the whole mushrooms into the water and quickly swirl them around.  Immediately lift out the mushrooms and put them onto a kitchen towel to dry gently and thoroughly.

Tips :
Leave the stems on, as they prevent the mushrooms from soaking up too much water. 

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