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May 30, 2016

Skillet Tortilla Pizza !!!

Tortillas are so versatile!  There are so many ways we can use them.  We love pizza... and for those days when we need something super quick, these tortilla pizzas will work perfectly.  These tortilla pizzas make it easy to customise our own pizza quickly with different toppings.  Quick & easy to pack for lunch too !!!!

Ingredients :

  1. Tortilla wraps
  2. Mozzarella cheese
  3. Parmesan cheese, optional
  4. Tomato sauce
  5. Tomato slices (optional)
  6. Italian seasoning
For Tomato Sauce :
  1. Tomato puree - 1/2 cup
  2. Tomato ketchup - 1 tbsp
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Garlic - 2 pods, finely chopped
  5. Black pepper powder - 1/4 tsp
  6. Onion - 1/2 no, finely chopped
  7. Capsicum - 1 tbsp, finely chopped
  8. Dried Oregano 
  9. Dried Basil
  10. Red chilly flakes
  11. Oil - 1 tsp

Method :

For tomato sauce :

1.  Heat oil in the pan, add finely chopped garlic, onion and capsicum.  Saute.

2.  Add tomato puree, salt, pepper powder, dried oregano, basil, red chilly flakes and tomato ketchup.  Cover and cook till done.

3.   Heat a skillet or griddle on medium heat.  Cook the tortilla wrap on one side.

4.   Remove it from the pan and spread the tomato sauce over the cooked side.  Arrange some tomato slices and sprinkle some Italian seasoning, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese.

4.   Place the tortilla wrap back in the skillet over low heat.  Cover and cook the pizza for few mins or until the cheese melts completely.  Remove & cut them.

Serve immediately.

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